Sunday, March 4, 2007

Two childhood friends make Six-Figure Range Revenue on college marketing for swimsuit calendars

The two childhood friends, Ben Leis and David Freedman , came up with a concierge business for sports professionals while Leis was at the University of Miami and Freedman was at Arizona State University in Tempe, but during the planning phase, they decided the business would be too much to handle. Looking for a simpler idea, the pair holed up in Freedman’s house, brainstormed and landed on the idea of a swimsuit calendar featuring the girls next door: Arizona State University students. Eight weeks later, they’d formed StudentBody Marketing and already had the Tempe12 calendar out. “It was extremely fast,” says Leis. “Eight months later, we had our second calendar out.”

At the beginning, instead of selling the calendars to students, they sold advertising to companies such as Budweiser, Corona and Sobe, and gave the calendars to students for free--launching their revenues well into the six-figure range. Today, StudentBody Marketing distributes its calendars to 21 college campuses, each featuring young women from that particular school--one calendar model even garnered an interview on the Howard Stern radio show. Says Freedman, “Tempe12 is a household name at [these] colleges.”

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