Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Police Exam Preparation: Online Training Course for Future Police Officers


The entrepreneurs: Adam Cooper, 31 years old, a former head of marketing for a software company outside Toronto; Kalpesh Rathod, 32, a former product manager at ATI Technologies Inc.; and Deland Jessop, 31, a former police officer from Toronto.

The Business: To become a police officer, many police departments require recruits to pass an entrance exam. Test-preparation courses have long existed for everything from the SATs to the MCAT. But in Canada there were no courses to help prospective officers pass the entrance exam. Seeing a need, the trio founded PolicePrep.com, an online test preparation site for prospective police officers.

The Payoff: Since those first days when they were lucky to get a customer a week, the business has grown steadily. In April 2004, the threesome decided that Mr. Rathod would leave his job and work full-time on the business. Mr. Jessop joined him a year later, and Mr. Cooper came on board full-time at the end of 2005. By the end of last year, PolicePrep's revenue had grown to almost C$750,000, and they say they expect it to cross C$1 million for 2006.

The Future: The firm has already begun to expand its online offerings to include test preparation for the civil-servant tests in Canada and the U.K. The threesome plan to add more offerings, Mr. Rathod says.

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