Friday, March 2, 2007

How to Make Money Out Of Organic Boom Blooms, Gerald Prolman Story

Consumers embrace the organic when it comes to the fruit and vegetables they eat. Can organic flowers be next? Gerald Prolman is counting on it. Mr. Prolman, founder of Organic Bouquet Inc., is trying to develop a new industry dedicated to growing, marketing and, above all, profiting from organic flowers.

Prolman began Organic Bouquet with no supply of product, no apparent demand and very little money. He started the company just as the boom came crashing down, and investors were extremely reluctant to entertain new business ideas. Undaunted by the challenge, Prolman was convinced that if he could create the supply, he would awaken the inherent demand among consumers concerned about the effects of chemicals on farm workers and the environment.

The first challenge was to identify quality commercial growers of the top five or more selling flower varieties and persuade them to grow organically. The search extended to more than 100 in six countries over several years. Eventually, Prolman created a core group of 6 growers to start organic flower production for the company.Led by Prolman, Organic Bouquet's next step in the development of environmentally friendly flowers was the implementation of a national American based standard for Green Label floral products.

The multi-billion dollar organic market didn't evolve by chance. Over the past four decades, leaders have emerged in every sector of the supply chain, including farmers, processors, marketers and educators. Only a handful, however, have been able to take a step back and look at the potential of this community from 30,000 feet, and see how all the players and pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Organic Bouquetthe undisputed market leader, Gerald pioneered the eco-flower market which, in 2003, was valued at $8+ million, up 52 percent from 2002, with estimated annual growth of 13 percent through 2008.

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