Saturday, March 3, 2007

4 Million Dollar Childhood Idea

In 2004, 52-year old Sandy Stein faced the prospect of unemployment after 32 years in the airline industry. At the same time, her husband's job was at risk, as well. Sandy knew she had to re-invent her life to guarantee a future income for her family, including their 10-year old son, Alex.

One night she went to bed, and prayed to her Dad in heaven, asking him for guidance, she received the inspiration for the product in a dream from her deceased Dad:Finders Key Purse.

Stein found the courage to start her own business, Alexx Inc., a company that makes functional and fashionable key-finders. In her first year, she reaped $4 million in sales and earned several hundred thousand dollars. And now she feels a whole lot better about her 12-year-old son's future and economic security for her and her husband.

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