Saturday, March 3, 2007

30-years Old Entrepreneur Generates $700,00 on Woman's Legs

Brian Jones, runs a rather unusual business venture–he sells lamps reminiscent of the one Ralphie’s father receives in A Christmas Story, with a base in the shape of a woman’s stocking-clad leg. Red Rider Leg Lamps, launched back in 2003, has generated sales of almost $700,000.

Ever since Jones was a little boy, he’d wanted to be a Navy jet pilot. But in flight school, he discovered his vision wasn’t good enough for it. Trying to cheer him up, his parents gave him a leg lamp for Christmas. His mother also made the off-hand comment that some people had made a business out of selling these leg lamps and that maybe he could, too. Six years later, when Jones got out of the Navy and started looking for a job, he recalled his mother’s words. He half-seriously talked about his business plan to a buddy of his, who knew something about putting up websites, and soon after Jones had a business.

“My mom thought it was a decent idea,” says Jones. “My dad didn’t think I’d sell 50. But he didn’t try to talk me out of it–he’s still supportive.”

Jones used a portion of his sales revenue to buy a house in Cleveland--the very house where A Christmas Story was filmed. He and his single hired employee are currently turning it into A Christmas Story museum that will have its grand opening this year on November 25. At the museum’s gift shop, you can expect to find not only Red Rider Leg Lamps but other familiar items from the movie--like A Christmas Story action figures and night lights.

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